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A little of my story...Manuel

Manuel has a degree in Business but dedicates his life to his passions: TV, film, advertising, marketing, communication, music, technology, and in general to bring his art, creativity and musicality in all the projects he directs. He has worked on TV programs for the best film and audiovisual production companies in Spain. In the last years  Manuel has worked as a Project Manager developing interactive museum installations and virtual reality in Dubai, Emirates for International Brands.
He has crossed to the USA for long periods of time and has lived several years in other European countries, where he learned many of the skills that now define him as a person and that have shaped his multifaceted, creative-universal and artistic-musical character. He enjoys drawing, skating (27 years on wheels and playing field hockey, one of his great passions) and traveling with his guitar, which always accompanies him. He is currently traveling the world with his flying toys and cameras, leaving a record of the goodness of this fantastic planet.

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